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‘Fashion is Art’ is the underlying sentiment — a limitless experimentation is the pursuit. An art inspired, concept driven, craft based clothing brand, very close to its roots and history that is nationally appreciated and has a potential for international acclaim. Familiarising people with the true nature of the brand and its unusual and futuristic interpretation of forgotten practices is the direction.

Ethical fashion
How Designers and Consumers Can Help Reduce Waste

The original article, written by our founder, appears on News18 online. Access it here.

Sensitivity to the environment comes with knowing that what goes around comes around.

World Earth Day is just a reminder to mend our ways and take care of our home planet. Fashion being one of the dominant pollutants, we as designers should take some responsibility to reduce the waste produce.

Being Creative: We as a design community should try and achieve zero waste and use patterns which utilise maximum textiles without wasting much in off-cuts and off- rolls. Also using left-overs creatively for tassels or packaging can give the brand a personal touch and make it look different each time. This helps me use my handpainted natural dyed Kalamkari and Ajrakh to optimum, without wasting, and our patrons completely love the art we create with left overs. 

Fair Labour: A feel good environment, happy faces and content hearts are key to a healthy work atmosphere and helps achieve high quality end results. With fair wages and no exploitation of labour, we can give them a healthy living style and translate their passion to great art. Women are adequately represented at the workspace.

Bio-Degradable Packaging: You can make your brand stand out as a very tasteful producer by giving equal importance to packaging like creating packaging with jute, cotton etc.

Create Awareness: I believe that small steps can make a huge difference. Educate your neighbours and help, use public forums, adopt small changes to everyday lifestyle and live by example. 

Having said that, we as consumers can also do our bit to make the earth a better place.

Natural Dyes & Fabrics: Buy good quality classic garments which are durable and preferably handmade locally.This even helps me have my own signature and stand out of the mass produced clones.Wear natural fabrics, even natural dyed like Khadi, silk, which are breathable and easy to decompose and have lower environmental impact. It helps me as an individual to be comfortable in any weather conditions and my skin is nourished through out.

Up-cycle and Recycle: One must upgrade, upcycle, repair, redesign, style, and buy vintage keeping your present wardrobe in mind and add to it. Do not start afresh. It's a smart girl tip, which gives you numerous looks with less money spent, and you end up looking well put always.

Donate: Swap, Loan, Donate to let the garment be used to its longest age. An endless ever changing wardrobe which earns you good karma when you donate, and invest in brands which are fair and ethical through their supply chain.

These are some of the mantras I live by ,as a consumer and designer and I fell very content and organised because I own less, but very well made and coordinated. Have loads of fun coming up with your version of sustainable pledges.