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A compulsive desire to vent out untamed creativity, transforming raw mediums into pieces of wearable art.
It’s a sense of uniqueness within, which propels you to create something like you. The brand sways in notions that are at odds with established norms.

The eventuality is to bring forth old arts like ajrakh and kalamkari via collaborations with master craftsmen and artists, to showcase the best in Indian crafts and textiles.



An offbeat actress. An artful design den. t2 was there when the two met.



vasundhara mantri X DIVYA SHETH

Vasundhara Mantri is one of the very few professional bench jewelers in Kolkata (India) who qualifies to create jewellery by her own hands.This collection is Origami inspired, with Japanese ethos. 
Minimal yet effectual
Completes the story , garment, look.


M I T A R A S H I : D A N G O
Bespoke limited edition Mitarashi Dango bars ft soya sauce caramel enrobed puffed rice seasoned with sesame strewn cacao butter and made specially for the Elle graduates winning ‘Shizen’ collection

shereenlovebug x divya sheth

Collaboration with blogger, beauty and fashion content creater- Shereen of


Collaboration with blogger Tishala Sikka - Jaipur


Touch and Be Fashion . Collaboration with Zina and Zoya Singh

yflo x divya sheth

A runway show to showcase a retrospective of our collections, with true women of substance


the ikat crossover
A tribute to odisha
the india gate lawns, new delhi

When a textile has been utilised by various fashion houses for decades, it comes as quite a challenge to revitalise its appearance and yet retain it’s connect to its origin. Combining it with modern and edgy silhouettes — through necessity or curiosity — can recapture its allure.
After numerous trips to Odisha and talks with skilled craftsmen and tribes, this collection was developed as a modern ode to this ingenious craft and its mother state. 
The textiles were handwoven in the villages of Bargarh and Nuopatna of Odisha with 100% cotton yarns. The colours were indigo, white and black - a signature of the label. The Tri-nose ring, multiple non pins and an ingenious hibiscus was inspired by the Mali Tribes from Maliguda village and Dongria from Kondh. 


A series of illustrations by Jit Choudhary
for the Ra - Da series

The collection is based on an imaginative character who is envisioned as the bad-ass successor of Radha from the miniature Pichwais and Frida from Mexican art history. It is the story of women dressed in elegance who wear their
attitude right, interplaying the bad-ass rebel and sublime goddess at the same time.

rada3a 300.JPG

A collaborative photo story with dancer A.D. Prasenjit
for the Nijmandir series. 

The collection is inspired by the celebration called by the Pichwais of the Nathdwara. Krishna, the God of Love is revered in iconic paintings known as “pichwais”, which assume that the “swarupa” or image of the deity represent a divine living being.



The Alternate State - In Search of The Otherness
Wearable art by Divya Sheth

“Let’s take a dive into the unknown, break glass ceilings and begin new beginnings; Jump into the depths to be one with one.”

The irregularity of handmade artisanal clothing is a metaphor for the playful yet elegant spirit, where geometry, history, nature and fantasy intersect and overlap, but which only truly reveal themselves to the observer rather than just the onlooker. The event was an initiative to allow the individual to discover the beauty of lost Indian craftsmanship and hence begin their journey to The Otherness: a state of being one with art and individuality. A show curated and designed by The Space At 9/2